The 3 Junior Prizes

3 Junior Prizes of € 1,000 each (net) will be awarded.
The winners will be chosen by the public of the Academy.

Listeners, who have attended both concerts, will vote the last evening using a point system. In case of a tie, the final decision will be made by the teacher of the masterclass.

The Hotel Angerburg Prize

A Special Prize will be offered by the Hotel Angerburg in Eppan.

One pianist will get free accommodation and meals (max. 5 days) for him/her and a member of his/her family. The Angerburg-Prize will be awarded to the participant who did not win one of the Junior Prizes and made the longest journey to Eppan.

Our prize winners 2017

  • Ivana Damianov

  • Eva Gevorgian

  • Ilya Ovcharenko

  • Angerburg-Prize: Sakurako Kita