The masterclass with Prof. Bonatta

will be held at the Raiffeisen Forum Lanserhaus from April 12 to April 14, 2018.

The eight selected pianists will present a 20-25 minutes program and each of them will receive at least two lessons.
They will also perform this program in one of the two concerts, scheduled for April 13 and April 14. Each concert will present four candidates. The order of appearance will be drew by lot.

The eight pianists will receive a travel allowance of € 300. Special rates for the participants and their parents or teachers will be negotiate with the Blumenhotel Ansitz Angerburg in Eppan. More information will be given by the Secretary of the Academy under
[email protected]

Practicing pianos will be available at the Music School "L.von Call" in Eppan.

On April 12 in the evening the eight participants will be invited to visit the famous castle "Schloss Paschbach" and to try the historic piano of Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli.

Teachers and students of the IME, the Istituto Vivaldi and the Conservatory "Monteverdi" of Bolzano are kindly invited to the masterclass.